How Hurricanes are Made

By: Ishika Bindal

Zeus was staring at his Cloud Cam (his way of looking down upon the earth). He was scanning through all the cities making sure there was more temples for himself than any of the other gods. While looking throughout the world, he came across a city called Flopely on the coast. Flopely was a city where the ocean provided most of the goods. Flopely had exactly 10 more temples for Poseidon than for Zeus. Zeus was enraged! How could they make more temples for Poseidon than for him. Zeus flew down to Flopely and gathered all the crowds. He came to the city square where everyone stood.

“My followers, why have you created more temples for my brother and not I, Zeus, King of the Gods!?” Zeus bellowed.

A small man who smelled like fish quietly stammered “M-my lord, w-we are so s-sorry, we apologize for what we have done. We will create 11 more temples for you my Lord, p-please forgive us. Please.”

Zeus of course was a reasonable god and he heartily agreed to this compromise. Besides, who would say no to eleven new temples? Zeus was glad that in no city in the world had more temples for any god but himself.

But while Zeus was happy, Poseidon was not. In fact, he was furious. How dare his brother go to Flopely! Flopely was the only place that he was appreciated more than his brother, and Zeus just went down to Flopely  ad bullied his way to more temples! Poseidon had to do something about this. He took his giant fish named Fishy and rode throughout the choppy seas. Soon he arrived at the harbor of Flopely and parked his fish near the boats. He walked over to the square where Zeus was laughing with some fishermen.

“Brother, how DARE you force these city people into making more temples for you than I who they need MORE!”

“LIES, they do not need you, they need ME! Let us ask these city people who they really need!” Zeus cried

The city people, who didn’t want to upset anyone, said nothing.

“See, they do not answer because they obviously can’t say their true feelings with you here.” Poseidon said triumphantly.

Zeus, who was very angry at Poseidon’s remark, sent a fast rush of wind at him.  A very angry Poseidon willed the water to create high waves which fell on a fuming Zeus. Zeus then sent a huge amount of rain directly at Poseidon. The fishermen were all drenched but Poseidon, of course, did not get wet at all. So of course, being the two hot-headed gods they were, kept  on fighting with all of these magical storms. This created the water storm that today we call a hurricane. Of course then Poseidon and Zeus had finally calmed down and agreed to forget about this quarrel. Flopely  was destroyed due to this massive water fight. Zeus created a new island for the residents of Flopely, called Rabaopolis.

So whenever you hear about a hurricane on the news, it isn’t because of all of that weather mumbo jumbo, it is because Zeus and Poseidon are fighting about who will get the next temple on Rabaopolis.


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