The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.

-Eleanor Roosevelt


The Sunset’s Descent

By: Madeline Husby

      I lean against the cold slick railing, my eyes following the sun as it begins to descend below the horizon. The brilliant colors glow brighter as it begins to drift away, as if they are straining to stay on land and using all their efforts to do so.  

     The blazing orange spreads across overhead, dominating the darkening blue sky. The yellow colors stay timidly in the suns boundaries, only coming out for views of the lush land and snow-capped mountain peaks. And the pink seems to be just right, nurturing the other colors and convincing them that it isn’t so bad to go underground.

     The colors eventually give in to the pinks motherly nature and the orange draws back to the sun, fading to a light tang as it submerges underneath the horizon borders. The yellow quickly disappears, following the orange in suit, but the pink lingers a little bit longer to get a last view of the world before saying goodnight to it all.

   The pink glows bright then begins it’s descent below the world, and following behind the pink is the big dependable dark blue, and down the colors go until no trace of them can be seen anymore. Then all is black, with the occasional glittering star above.

    I blink and draw back from the railing, in awe of what I just witnessed. For what some consider just a sunset, I consider a work of art, a miracle of sorts.

   Most people search and search for beauty everyday, going to far off places to find some. But beauty is everywhere, even in your own backyard. This I now know, thanks to a sunset.